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BDAS Telephone Numbers

Landline: Call 01633-889412

Mobile: Call 07801-526-525

Telephone (mobile) 07801-526-525.

Environmental Measures

Fitting a Biomass Boiler

Installing a biomass boiler into my property, I have attempted to completely stop the use of fossil fuels for heating. It allows me to utilise dead branches and timber straight from sight, also dried wood chip and sawdust. For photos from the fitting of a Biomass Boiler see here:

Fitting a Biomass Boiler

Woodchip Utilisation

Woodchip now also supplied to local farmers who use it for cattle bedding and for tracks used by cattle in wet weather, to reduce occurrence of foot infections.

ISCA Woodcrafts Tel. 07854 349045

It has been a long term aim to reduce the impact of the business on the environment. Involvement with ISCA Woodcrafts has led to recycling of much of the timber produced by the business – in turn helping to provide a sustainable source of native hardwood timber whilst also reducing waste.

Isca Woodcrafts are suppliers of quality native hardwoods, exotic blanks, Ashley Iles Carving, and turning tools, chestnut finishes, abrasives, adhesives and books.

Isca Woodcrafts specialises in small quantities for Carvers, Turners, Furniture Makers, Pyrographers and DIY enthusiasts.

We carry a large selection of air and kiln dried boards in a range of sizes from 18mm (3/4") to 1500mm (6") thickness.

Green timber can be supplied, please enquire.

Special orders can be milled to customer requirements.

Ash, Beech, Birch, Cedar, Lime, Poplar, Sycamore, Alder Cherry, Coloured Beech, Coloured Sycamore, MonkeyPuzzle, Olive Ash, Sweet Chestnut, Wellingtonia, Rowan, Acacia, Apple, Holly, Hornbeam, Laburnum, Oak, Maple, Plane ( Lacewood ), Plum, Tulip, Elm, Coloured Oak, Spalted Wood, Yew, Burrs, Walnut.