BDAS Telephone numbers:

Landline: 01633-889412.       Mobile: 07801-526-525.

BDAS Logs Supplied (Unseasoned and Seasoned)

Unseasoned Logs for Sale from £25 a load

Logs can be supplied in sizes to suit your requirements. This could vary from the sizes we would naturally carry timber out of a back garden in, all the way down to being able to fit on a small woodburner.

We are now able to supply logs. These are normally brought straight from site and are therefore ‘green’ – i.e. unseasoned. As result they are correspondingly cheaper than seasoned logs, but will need seasoning.

Prices vary according to:
- Species
- The size requirements
- Delivery distances/difficulties

Prices will start from £25.00/load based on a load of approximately 1 ton of lower grade timber delivered straight from site in the sizes which it most convenient to move.(i.e. this will need further processing and seasoning before it is ready to burn)

Seasoned Logs for Sale

B.D.A.S. is also working in partnership with the Blaen Bran Community Woodland project based in Cwmbran. They are able to supply processed, seasoned logs which can be burnt immediately. They can be contacted on 07787 525875

Infosheet on Logs

The following link provides very useful information on using wood as a fuel: Infosheet on Logs